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Offshore Wind Update

The Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM), on July 17, took the next steps in the offshore wind leasing process for Massachusetts by releasing the Proposed Sale Notice (PSN).  

To view a map of the four designated lease areas, please click HERE.   To read the Environmental Assessment please click HERE

Following up with our petition for community benefits in the upcoming offshore wind auction, BOEM has elected to include Community Benefit Agreements (CBAs) as a discount factor in lease sale.  

The BOEM will award a 5% discount to those bidders who have a demonstrable CBA.  This is a major achievement for our community and we want to thank everyone who has supported these efforts over the past 3 years.  
However, we still believe that a CBA should received a higher discount percentage and we will continue to lobby for this. To submit a comment in the Federal Register, please go to  In the entry titled "Enter Keyword or ID," enter BOEM-2014-0034, then click "search".  Follow the instructions to submit public comments. 

Chilmark Landfill - 100kW solar array update- 50kW of panels installed!


Welcome to Vineyard Power Cooperative

Offshore Wind South of our Island

Since 2009, Vineyard Power sought to create a renewable energy future, owned and guided by islanders with an ultimate goal of building a community owned offshore wind farm.

The Department of Interior’s Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM) began a process in 2009 to develop offshore wind off of the Atlantic Coast. 

Vineyard Power, along with members of our Renewable Energy Task Force and local and state politicians, have continually requested to BOEM that those communities most impacted by offshore wind farm development receive direct benefits from the these projects

BOEM release the Proposed Sale Notice for the upcoming auction for the Massachusetts Wind Energy Area.  After much lobbying, we are pleased to annouce they included a 5% discount to those developers with a Community Benefit Agreement. 

We expect the auction to occur at the end of 2014 for a 1200 square mile area, 12 nautical miles south of Martha's Vineyard.

Now is the time to get involved!  For more information please call our office at 508-693-3002. 

Vineyard Power Cooperative

Vineyard Power is a 501(c)12, non-profit, energy co-operative based on the island of Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts.
Our mission, as a 21st century utility company, is to produce electricity from local, renewable resources while advocating for and keeping the benefits within our island community. 
Our vision is to be Martha's Vineyard's community-owned utility company. 
These goals will be accomplished through several commercial scale solar installations, an offshore wind farm, and the implementation of smart grid technology.

Click HERE to learn more about the history of utility co-operatives.

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